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The Key to Wealth

Homeownership is a unique tool for building wealth in our economyone that must be made accessible to more people if we hope to increase the financial security of lowincome Americans. Billionaire Andrew Carnegie famously said that 90% of millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate   

Our wealth-building curriculum and student community was developed to help you teach financial literacy by helping people develop a strongerunderstanding of basic financial concepts—that way, they can handle their money better. it’s encouraging to know that increasing financial literacy & wealth strategies could transform whole families, communities and even the nation!



Cleaning up your past begins with us leveraging your consumer rights to engage the credit bureaus and creditors to remove the inaccurate items from your credit report. Getting started is easy. Click on the button below to enroll. You will receive instructions via email, so make sure your email is correct when you enroll.

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When you submit your credit reports, we will do a thorough analysis of your credit reports to determine which items we need to challenge on your behalf.


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One we begin working on your credit scores, make sure you take advantage of our credit education library to remain up-to-date with the latest financial education.

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Enjoy the benefit of having easy-access to your member portal where you can track your credit progress, update personal and billing information, upload documents, and more. Have a question? You can contact support from within your portal.

The Best Part - You Have 24-Hour Access To Your Account So That You Can Keep Track Of Your Progress And Your Credit Scores!

Do It Your Self

Credit Repair One- Time $50.00
  • No Montly Fee
  • E-book on process
  • Collection Letter Templates
  • Step by Step instructions
  • Email Support
  • 28 Total Templates
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Basic Wealth Empowerment

$199.00 Audit & Enrollment Fee
$49/ MO
  • No Contact -Cancel Anytime
  • Debt Elimination Software
  • Online Budgeting Tool
  • Access to Private Groups
  • Wealth Manual
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Premium Wealth Empowerment!

$199.00 Audit & Enrollment Fee
$79.00/ MO
  • *Automated Credit Repair & Credit Education
  • Online Budgeting Tools
  • Debt Elimination Software
  • Wealth Manual
  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring
  • Up to 3 Financial Correspondence Letters sent on your behalf
  • Monthly 3-Score Reporting
  • Identity Theft Protection
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Business Credit & Funding

Several Payment Options $2,495.00
  • Complimentary Personal Credit Repair & Credit Education
  • Personal Business Coaching
  • DUNS Number & DUNS Activation
  • Debt Management & Budgeting Software
  • Guaranteed Funding
  • 2 Payment Plan Options
  • Experian Smart Business Monitoring data
  • Coaching & Advisment
  • And More.......
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We offer concierge Services

Wealth Strategies!

We will help you BUILD and ESTABLISH Business Credit so you can qualify for Business Funding in your Business’s Name SEPARATE from your Personal Credit !

Celebrate Your Financial Future

Graduate Financially Styled

Our Wealth Empowerment Program is a lifetime investment that will allow you the opportunity to gain credit leverage, teach you how to sustain it, and give your limitless credit advantages that will transform your life. Staying on course in the future begins now with better guidance.     

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